Sunday, December 14, 2014

Orgainzing Your Planner Stickers

I saw this idea initially on Instagram from someone in the planner community for Erin Condren lovers like myself. I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon as my current system of storing planner stickers is to pile them up in a tupperware container. SO not conducive to finding something quickly. I searched high and low online trying to find something that I liked (as I am super lazy and hate shopping/running errands), but had no success. I then ventured out to my local Target and OfficeMax as Staples wasn't an option in my neck of the woods. I have outlined below the products I used, along with where I found them. 

What You Will Need:
Avery 7x9 1" 3-ring binder
Avery 5 1/2x8 1/2 inch Sheet Protectors
Avery 5 1/2x8 1/2 inch business card holders

How to Organize:
1. Separate stickers by vendor. To me, I generally think "Oh I wish I could find these from this shop." So organizing by etsy seller was easiest for me. However, you may choose to organize your stickers by category, what you use them for, etc..
Some labelled & filled page protectors
2. I labeled each page protector with one of my favorite stores. I made sure to write them on the outside portion and made sure to stagger them so I could see the labels a bit easier. Once labelled, I dropped the respective stickers into their protector and popped it into my notebook!
Some Lillie Henry stickers in their page protector.
3. Once my page protectors were filled with the larger sheets of stickers, I moved on to filling the business card holders. I used these for stickers bought in-store (i.e., Target, Michaels, etc.), page flags from target, and some washi samples. If something was a little too long or tall, I trimmed the excess to help it fit a bits better.
My page flag-filled business card holder.
Some stickers and washi samples.
4. Once I had filled all of my business card holders, as well, I created a dash board for my sticky notes on the back part of the binder, using the binder itself. Some of my thicker sticky note pads didn't make "the cut," as they would have made the binder outrageously thick.
My dashboard in my sticker binder! Dreams do come true!
5. My completed project, chock full of planner goodies!!! 

The biggest key to making this work for you is to find and use a system that makes sense to you! Happy planning and organizing! :)

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