Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello!  Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to The Everything Diaries!  What is The Everything Diaries, you ask?!  It is just that!  A diary of my crazy, wildly busy life – complete with pictures, anecdotes, recipes, tutorials, my brand of sarcasm, and so much more!  I’m hoping that in the process blogging about discovering balance in my life and my inner Super Woman, that you, too will channel your inner Goddess of Balance (or at least learn what NOT to do by reading what I did!).

Who am “I” exactly?  I am Meredith.  I am born and raised a Southern lady.  I can tell you honestly my mother would snort at my self-description of “lady.”  I am anything but that – I laugh too loud; I speak my mind too much; I am too sarcastic.  You get it.  I have a sweet, compassionate, soft-spoken, other-half – “J.”  He was a package deal with his adorable son, Little Man (referred to as LM).  I’m not complaining. The two of them keep me laughing.  I digress.

I, too, struggle just like everyone to achieve balance.  I work what most would consider an “average” or “normal” work week.  What defines average?  40 hours - plain and simple.  However, working in medicine, my job is never truly done.  Long hours, call, charts to finish and sign off on - it seems to be never ending!  It’s hard to achieve that simple little thing we all want: balance.  According to Google, it is a noun meaning “an even distribution of weight, enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.”  Got it?  Good – me, too.   I think. 

But HOW are we supposed to do this with work, family, work-outs, hobbies, dinner, cleaning, laundry, walking the dog, running errands, budgeting, and squeezing in that rare mani/pedi or lunch date with a girlfriend?  Honestly – I have no idea.  Sometimes, there don’t seem to be enough hours in a day!  In the spirit of full disclosure – I started laundry and accidentally left a load in the washing machine for three days (whoops!).  It’s actually still sitting there…I guess I should go restart the cycle since it probably stinks to high heaven of mildew right now (so gross!).  I digress - again.  My attempt at balance falls squarely on the shoulders of my sweet other half, J.  He goes above and beyond to pick up my slack, so I can’t say that I’m making a “go” of this journey to Balance alone.  Per his request (ahem – my suggestion), he will be weighing in from time to time as a “guest blogger.”

So now that I have you hooked (lined, maybe? Sunk?), here are some things for you to look forward to over the next week or two:
1.                    A marinara recipe to DIE for (OK, that might be a little drastic. How about you just faint from excitement?).  Seriously, though.  My mom introduced me to this recipe a few weeks ago.  It makes TONS, and works with a wide variety of meals!
2.                    A commentary of my day (get used to this – I plan on having a weekly: “What did we learn?” post!).  My whitty, sarcastic commentary on a relatively simple, silly mistake I made during my day that resulted in a rather comic event.
3.                    A Sneak-Peek into my attempt at organizing, which combines 2 of my favorite things: Filofax and Erin Condren.
4.                    A reflection of this past weekend with J’s sweet son, LM (Little Man).  I am also going to have a relatively regular “Stepping into Step-Momdom” post.  What is balance without including a sweet little nugget into your plans? J
5.                    GLUTEN-FREE Asian Lettuce Wraps.  YUM!  Before you judge, I am gluten intolerant.  ;)

Catch ya later!


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