Thursday, May 1, 2014

Budget Heaven, Part 1

I am obsessed with A Bowl Full of Lemons.  No, no – not LITERALLY a bowl full of lemons as décor, but the blog.  Check it out! It’s full of amazing organizing ideas, tips, and is a great source if you are looking for inspiration for your home!  I got my idea for a budget Filofax planner from her amazing blog!  I first became aware of what a Filofax actually WAS a few months ago.  (You’re clueless, too?! Great! Check out the FilofaxUSA site! You can thank me later.).  Mine is currently still a work in progress as I am trying to space out my purchases.  You know - stay within my budget and all that. Womp womp.  Budgeting can be FUN though, like when you are planning a vacation (another blog, another day)!

ANYWAYS....I got this ADORABLE aqua personal-sized malden filofax from a sweet friend I met on a Facebook group for other Filofax-obsessed people such as myself (Hi Ladies!).  I am slightly obsessed.  Isn't my planner charm cute?! Oh, you need one, too?  Check out CraftersRetreat on Etsy!

I also HIGHLY recommend an adorable budget-themed, Dave Ramsey-inspired dashboard made by Nancy at TweetiePieCollage on etsy.

I started looking through the blog post on A Bowl Full of Lemons, and began a LIST of things I needed to get to create such a wonderful budgeting/wallet/expense tracker masterpiece! Once I had my list, I started shopping amazon and ebay first.  A lot of times, you can get some amazing deals on Filofax inserts on ebay (Who knew?!).  I have posted the items on my list and links to where you can purchase each item.

Credit Card Holder:

Horizontal 2014 Calendar (where I track PayDays!):

Clear Pocket: Used for receipt holding until I have time to write down expenses on my expense tracker.  This came with my FF.

Month on 2 Pages with TABS:

Expense Tracker Pages:  

I am still awaiting some items in order to make this the BEST wallet/portable budget manager I can! Hence, "Part 1" in the title! 

On a bright note, Sweet J's little son will be with us this weekend, which will provide me more inspiration for some blog posts next week.  Look for Part 2 of "Budget Heaven" AND another "Stepping Into Step-Mom-Dom" post! 

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