Thursday, May 29, 2014

What's In Your Bag?

The following post is written by guest blogger, Maisy...I met Maisy in a group for people obsessed with Erin Condren (a life planner we both happen to have and love to decorate).  When I started asking for volunteers for my first "What's In Your Bag" post, Maisy generously volunteered.  She is a fellow blogger, but she blogs on sexual wellness.  Her blog is The Momfia.  I will warn you - I was a little surprised at what I saw at first, BUT it IS a sexual health and wellness blog, so keep your mind open. Maisy was kind enough to open up her life-on-the-go (aka her purse!) to us. So everyone, say hello to Maisy...and her bag!!!

1: My bag. I got it on sale from Target for $12.99. I'm very thrifty.
2: My May monthly overview of my Erin Condren LP. I think the Erin Condren company is very shady, but they make a product that can't be competed with. So I'm kinda stuck.

3: How I use it: errands, water intake, Bible study, tracking meds (I have lupus). I'm very organized, and I'd be lost without my Erin Condren Life Planner. Even just decorating it calms my anxiety.

4: Inside the purple bag (which I got from Etsy): Lupus medications that I often need while on the go, Garnier hand lotion, my reading glasses (Guess), and my wallet clutch. And yes, I really DO carry redbull everywhere - it's an addiction.

5: Inside the pink bag is all my makeup, tissues, and hand sanitizer. I'm a mother, so a First Aid Kit is always a necessity! Ear plugs because my better half lives 500 miles away, and I fly to him a lot. A prayer journal and my current read (The Christian Homemakers Handbook by Pat Ennis). The small phone: I've found, personally, it's worth the $10 a month to have a burner line that I can keep my main cell number to myself. So business calls or calls from my gym all go to the one in the photos

6: The blue small bag is full of feminine products of all types. The pink bag is full of random things you never know you may need (toothbrush, floss, inhaler, liquid bandaid, and a Schick on the go razor!).

7: My tablet (it's very very very old - 2011. If anyone is selling a cheap one, feel free to holla), notepad, and ear buds.

Maisy was also kind enough to show how she utilizes her Erin Condren Life Planner in more detail!

Below are her journal dashboards.

Below are the clear zip pouches that come with EC Life Planners and Take Note! Notebooks. Look how Maisy has utilized them to store her various planner accessories!

So - now that you've seen Maisy's bag. What's in YOUR bag?!

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