Friday, May 30, 2014

My New Favorite Snack (Or Dessert)

My dessert the other night - YUM!
In my recent quest to eat more healthy and exercise in attempts to lose weight for my upcoming wedding, I found a new love.  I mean we've all heard of apples and peanut butter right?! Well...I like peanut butter, but not enough to eat it outright.  So I've found a new semi-source of protein (And sweetness!)....Drumroll please....Nutella! Yes, I have become slightly addicted to the sweet, hazelnutty flavor that is Nutella.  So, what have I tried it on?

  • Bananas - ok, but not as good as the ole' bananas and peanut butter.  You can't beat an oldie but goodie!
  • Bread - again, just ok...but straight up Nutella on gluten-free bread ain't all that hot.
  • Apples - good (better than bananas), but still not what I was searching for. 
  • Strawberries - yes ma'am! This was by far the BEST combination I tried! Just think: sweet, wonderful strawberries and thick, hazelnut Nutella.  It's a match literally made in heaven.
I've gotten so bad about eating it for an after-work snack and then again for dessert! J laughs at me constantly because we have started going through Nutella like some people go through water! But, seriously, look at the picture below and tell me that doesn't look good! Now, run out to the store and get you some strawberries and Nutella (and wine...always some wine!).  Start enjoying!

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