Saturday, July 19, 2014

Making Your Erin Condren Life Planner Work For You

My original beauty. I *might* have purchased 2
additional covers. Shhhh!
Let's face it: sometimes there's not a perfect product on the market, but there's one that comes *this* close to perfection. So how to you purchase said "this-close-to-perfection" product and make it your own?! Well, if it's an Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP), look no further! I'm obsessed with all products Erin Condren. The list of items/products I have purchased her is too long (and possibly embarrassing?) to list. Let's just say it's a slight problem. When I purchased my first LP 18 months ago, I was fairly "boring" with how I utilized it - black pen and some check boxes, nothing more. I didn't realize all the possibilities that you can create for yourself when it come to this amazing planner! I thought that there was a slim chance that someone else was feeling like I was - they had the perfect product and felt like they weren't utilizing it to its full capacity. So here is how I have made my ECLP perfect for me!

Let's Get Started!

1. Custom Stickers: EC herself provides you with an option to create custom stickers on her website. Want to mark Pay Day? How about Anniversaries? Look no further than your source for an ECLP! There are PLENTY of outside sources for custom stickers if you don't like the price tag of the EC custom stickers. Here's a list of my favorite sources for custom stickers (Click on Site Name to be taken to their page!): Sizemore Designs, Love Affair With Paper, and KrissyAnneDesigns! Your options are endless, but these are few of my favorite sites!
"Family Outing" and "Errands to Run" stickers from Erin Condren
2. Page Markers: EC has an adorable clear page marker that comes with the planner. I'm not a fan. That doesn't mean YOU won't be. I have a preference for other (adorable) means of marking my pages. Those include (but are not limited to):
  • Adorable coffee mug, animal, and weather kawaii paper clips, as found at KawaiiPaperie on etsy.
  • OliClips: Generally these gems are found at The Container Store, but there has recently been a shortage. Rumor on the street is that they will be available again on etsy soon, as well as in-stores again soon. Can't wait that long? Check out the facebook group "OliUClip by OliBlock."
One of the many cute patterns available on the OliClip
  • Want something cute, but simple? Check out these ribboned paper clips at MadeYouLookNovelities on etsy! 
  • Kate Spade: Kate Spade makes some absolutely adorable paper clips! Bow shapes, ampersand, exclamation point...adorable! Find them on amazon or if you want just one, check out MyQueenBeeDesigns on etsy.
Fish from KawaiiPaperie and ampersand from
MyQueenBeeDesigns, both found on etsy.
3. Washi Tape: Watch out - it will become an obsession. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's starts with "Oh just these few rolls and I'll be set." Then it turns into "Oh, I need 15 shoeboxes to store my collection." You can use it to mark events that occur on more than one day (i.e. vacation, road trips, retreats, etc.), decorate your daily view, mark out a time you will be doing something (i.e. DIY project, napping, driving, studying, etc.). Oh - you want my favorite places to buy this new soon-to-be collection you will own?! Of course! Check out ACherryOnTop, Pikwahchan, Washi Tape Maniac, Mind the Wrap, and LightLife.

4. The Binding: I am obsessed with the spiral binding for the ECLP. But maybe that doesn't work for you. Check out Kikki K or Filfofax (A5 size). There's tons of tutorials on youtube on how to put your uncoil your planner, trim the edges off and punch it to fit into an A5 Filofax, place it in a Leather Personal Kikki K Planner, or use the Arc system. It doesn't matter what you choose to do - there are so many others who have done the same thing that you are bound to find a tutorial!
Example of my ECLP in a Kikki K
The tabs on my ECLP in a Kikki K.
5. Colorful Pens: I love Papermate Flairs. They are colorful, but don't bleed through the page like some pens do. I also love the Infinity pens, as well. They are also great for the ECLP and don't bleed through the page.

6. Decorative Stickers: Not so sure about washi tape? Check out the scrapbook stickers at your local craft store to add some flair! I would not recommend any stickers that are 3D, but some adorable seasonal stickers, holiday stickers, even cutesy fruit (or whales or hearts get it) can add some adorable pops of color and fun without taking up too much room! My sweet friend Marci has a store with some adorable stickers to mark trash day, coffee time, and she'll even do custom orders. Check out her store! Or I love the stickers you can find in Moshi Moooosh.  Want some little miniature stickers? Check out KawaiiStickers4You on etsy.
My recent purchase from Moshi Moooosh.
Dollar Stickers from Mrs. Grossman's website!
7. Cases: For some of you, slapping one of EC's adorable "Keep It Together" bands is perfect! For me, I get annoyed when the coils get caught in something else in my purse or work bag. Enter ThirtyOne product "Zipper Pouch" (No kidding - it's called that. Easy, huh?!). I love it. It's big enough to fit my ECLP and pens in! Maybe you just convert your planner to a Kikki K or Filofax and that's enough? Either way, it's totally your personal preference.
My ThirtyOne Zipper Pouch and ECLP.
8. Planner Charms: Add some adorable flare and flaunt your favorite activity with a planner charm! Check out CraftersRetreat on etsy! Shelly makes adorable custom charms, and she'll even make one specific to your requests! She's a doll to work with! :)
My adorable custom charm from CraftersRetreat.
9. Covers: Erin Condren now makes it so easy to change out your cover on your ECLP. She even sells covers separately for $10.95. What better way to update your planner than switching out the cover?!

Do you have ideas that weren't mentioned?! Comment below! I know there is plenty of creativity out there with these adorable ECLPs, so share the wealth! :)


  1. Great post and perfectly detailed!!! ;)


  3. Thank you ladies! I have been looking for some inspiration for new blog post material, and you have just given it to me! Expect a post on how I organize my weeks within, well...the next week! Thanks for reading!!!!