Monday, October 27, 2014

Designing Your Own LP Cover

Like the LP covers, but not in love with them? Color choices not to your liking? I was coveting a collage cover with the rainbow squares and brown text changed to shades of blues and purples. Alas, I received an email from EC shortly after placing my order that what I had requested was no longer a change that could be made. Imagine my disappointment. But I moved on - quickly. I have a scrapbooking program on my computer, which I don't use to scrapbook much anymore (but use it for Christmas cards, invitations, etc.). I decided to measure the size of the EC cover, create my own project that was the same size and start designing!
This is my design, courtesy of Creative Memories
scrapbooking software. PS -How adorable is my stepson?
Once I was happy with my layout, I saved it as a jpeg file. I chose the "Picture This - Full Frame" cover option. I uploaded my jpeg document to the EC website. For some reason, it charges you $5. This is an error/glitch on the EC website. Contacting the EC Customer Service reps resulted in a $5 refund, no problem. I uploaded my design without issue. If you would prefer to incorporate your name into your design, etc. just let the EC team know that you don't want their name/quote space filled by specifying "No text." I made sure that my design allowed for the name they add on, as well as a quote from our family ceremony from when J and I got married (and included Little T).
My finished product. It's my favorite cover yet!
Don't want to go through EC? I've seen several people design their own cover (front & back) and take it to Staples for laminating/hole punching. If you do decide to go at it alone, you may want to reach out to others in your Facebook EC community on how to do that. You will definitely want a thicker laminate (like 10 mL) that will allow for daily use (or abuse in my case). You may have to make your own slits to make the cover removable, but that would be the easy part!

Don't have CM scrapbooking software? Don't worry! There are plenty of free apps online, such as pixlr, that allow you to create a document to your size specifications. This is an endless possibility DIY project! Have fun, go crazy, and most of all - enjoy! :)

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