Friday, October 31, 2014

Making Your Erin Condren LP YOU!

Remember a few months ago, we talked about how to make your ECLP work best for you? Well, I think it's about time we talk about how to make it YOU (not just make it work for you!). I have recently become obsessed with some new stores on Etsy that allow to you change your ECLP and alter it so that it works best for you! I've tried to break things up by categories so that you can find exactly what you're looking for! (Don't see supplies you're looking for below? Check out my initial blog on planner accessories {link above}, too!)

1. Personalized Name Bookmark: Want an adorable personalized bookmark? Check out CraftyAliCat on etsy! I ordered mine originally for my A5 Filofax - it's the perfect size for the ECLP. Naturally, you'll need to add a coil clip to make it work in an ECLP (Or be able to create your own removable bookmark [like the covers!]). Ali (shop owner) is so easy to work with, and she truly honors special requests! I love purple, and I am obsessed with glitter. She honored both! How adorable?!

2. Magnetic Bookmarks: I talked about Oliclip in my last planner accessories blog, but I've since found out about the etsy shop craftedvan (check them out on Instagram, too!). They have a wide assortment of characters, foods, etc. I got myself a stethoscope (and a cupcake for a friend!). Love them!

Labels/Event Stickers:
1. Custom Labels: Want some adorable labels for when you have a doctor's appointment? Check out these labels from ObsessedWithCute on etsy!

2. Switching the Daily Labels: Don't like the "Morning/Day/Night" labels on the weekly spread? Check out AlexStudio on etsy for some custom labels to stick over those! Check them out here!

3. Flag Labels: Page flags have become quite popular across the Facebook planner groups I am in. Want some custom flag labels or stickers? Check out some shops on etsy! Don't see what you want? Message the shop owners. Here are some To Do stickers available at HelloAshleyAnn.
  • Page flags are also available at Target in the Dollar Spot. Look carefully! Sometimes they get buried. Not all Targets carry the Dollar Spot stationary either, so you may have to check out a few in your local area!
  • Planneresque on etsy also sells some adorable check list page flag stickers! 
Decoration Stickers/Accents:
1. Kawaii Style: There's just something so cute and endearing about the kawaii-style stickers that are floating around! I can't get enough - seriously.

  • Obsessed with Cute: I love her Bible stickers and purchased some recently. I'm waiting for them to be shipped, but I'm already doing a little happy dance just knowing that there will be some stickers from her shop on their way to me soon!
  • WishiWashiLove: Adorable stickers, sticky notes and other planner supplies! I mean, how cute are these bowls and jars? Seriously!

2. Fun Stickers: I am obsessed with adorable stickers that add different flare to my planner! My recent purchase have included stores such as Stickerswashiandmorelilliehenry, joeydesignplanner pretties by K, and SouthernHaute. All these stores have adorable stickers that add character to my planner in different ways!
My cute mermaid stickers and hot air balloon stickers
from JoeyDesign!
3. In the Store: Many local stores also have supplies that you might be looking for! Check out your local Target, Michael's, Jo Ann's, or AC Moore for craft supplies! If you're lucky, your local Dollar store will have some stickers or washi tape that you can use, as well! I haven't been so lucky!

Washi Tape: I've fallen off of the washi train slightly, to be honest, in my recent obsession of stickers. BUT in the spirit of all things you can use to customize your planner, I have to share my favorite sources for washi tape! ACherryOnTop, Pikwahchan, and SweetSuppliesStore.

Have some other sources for your planner supplies?! Share in the comments!

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