Friday, October 3, 2014

Monogramming Your Master Bedroom (Like an Adult)

 I am obsessed with monograms. Let's just establish that fact first. You don't believe me? You should check out my wardrobe: monograms galore! Think: fleece vests, sweatshirts, workout clothes (shorts, shirts), baseball caps, puffy vests, fleece jackets, boot socks, my towel get it. I have a small (or big) problem. I truly think my only possession that isn't monogrammed is my car (oh! And my laptop!). So when I said to my husband "I want to put a monogram in our bedroom," he rolled his eyes. He doesn't get the obsession, but he lets me go. I must admit that I have been rather proud of myself. The entire downstairs is tastefully monogrammed. There's a wooden H on our bookcase and a fancy H hanging above the landing on our stairs. So I've done fairly well....for me. However, sometimes a very large monogram can seem rather childish, so I set out to monogram our bedroom without the childish flare!

I saw the idea initially on Pinterest (oh yes, another inspiration from Pinterest!). There's so many sweet ways to monogram your home without making it seem like a child's room. I figured out exactly how much space I needed to fill between the top of our headboard and the ceiling, subtracting about 4-6 inches (that's how far the bottom of your picture frames/monogram should be above the top of a piece of furniture). I ended up needing about 30-inches tall for the monogram. I literally went on to etsy and searched "30 inch wooden monogram." The possibilities and options are truly endless. I ended up purchasing from a store called "letterworld." They did a great job and shipped fast (exactly what I like!).

I used a particular kind of spray paint called "Design Master." It dries fairly quickly and the colors are brilliant! Our bedroom colors revolve around the quilt, made by my Grandmother before she passed. We chose navy (titled "Dark Blue" in Design Master world). I bought 2 cans, and I was really glad I did! While you only have to paint one side (otherwise the letters will be backwards!), you have to keep in mind there are quite a few edges and corners you have to spray into.

I used my backyard as my art studio (per usual). I cut open the box that the monogram was shipped in, and used that as my pallet on the ground. I laid the monogram on top of the cut-open box and went to work!
I sprayed one coat and waited about 10 minutes before trying to recover. I was slightly bummed that the paint seemed to be going on unevenly, despite my master spray paint technique. Once I had sprayed 2 coats on (and let them dry), I brought my monogram back inside and let it set for several days (read: 2 weeks until I had time to finish it). I would highly recommend that you lightly sand it before painting. Forget what the descriptions say if you buy online. I pulled out my second can of spray paint and utilized the same method to paint another few coats: paint a layer, let dry for 10-15 minutes, paint another layer. I tried to paint from all sides to try and make sure the sides/edges were covered entirely.

After the first round of painting.
I then let the paint set for another week before I had J hang it up (blue on a white wall would be bad). I had actually ordered a monogram throw pillow, as well, so I threw that on the bed once it was all said and done, and....Wha-la! Tasteful monogram without going overboard (if it were up to me, we'd probably have monogrammed pillow shams, throw blanket, etc.).

Check out these pictures I pulled from Pinterest for some more cute ways to monogram your home!

Add a cute flair to your front entrance!
Maybe you're more of a vinyl girl?!
Or use an adorable ribbon to add to your monogram!

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