Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Evolution of Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The "Original" (taken from
I found this recipe on Pinterest when J and I started dating about 2 years ago.  It was actually the second recipe that we cooked together (Cue chorus of "Awwwww"s).  Our first meal we made together was curry, which I am hoping to share the recipe soon as it has become a staple in our household! Moving on...I found the original recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pizza on Pinterest and felt like I HAD to make it.  I mean, I am a connoisseur of Buffalo Chicken Dip (well, all things Buffalo chicken for that matter).  I may not like the "tongue torch" heat (I actually lean more towards the mild side - don't hate), but I do like a slight kick with mine! This pizza recipe provides the perfect blend of pizza and buffalo chicken!

I must admit we started eating this on a rather regular basis - probably once, if not twice, a month. So we decided to have a little fun with it. Certain things I'm a stickler for the "original is best" or "oldie but goodie."  Not this! And I am SO glad I haven't followed my usual mindset.  First, we threw on a little bit of chopped bacon (No - not bacon bits. Don't cheat!).  That was a HUGE step towards perfection with this recipe (not that it wasn't already stellar!).  Our next step was (after we went gluten free) buffalo chicken pizza with bacon and extra blue cheese crumbles (I believe we used ranch dressing as the base this time, rather than blue cheese) on a gluten free pizza crust (Pilsbury actually makes a decent one!).  How delicious does this look?
Courtesy of my Instagram!
Recently, our newest addition was diced tomatoes.  SO - we had "Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza with chopped bacon and diced tomatoes."  It gets even better - can you believe it?! While eating this:
Mouth-watering twist on a classic Buffalo
Chicken Pizza!
we were discussing further updates or modifications we could make to the recipe: chopped mushrooms, diced celery...the possibilities are endless! I love recipes like this - where you can add so many different things, and it has such good roots that it continues to be amazing!  So while you ponder what YOU would add to YOUR Buffalo Chicken Pizza, I will leave you with a few mouth-watering, thought-provoking images!  I really encourage you to give it a shot! It is definitely a crowd-pleaser, and will certainly lead to you making it often! 

Did you try it? What did YOU think?! Leave a comment below! :)

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