Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's In Your Bag?, Episode 2

Torri and I met through a group of ladies obsessed with organizing, planners, and purses.  As a sales rep for Jewell, she always has so many neat products that allow her to keep her purses SO organized! The products she utilizes and sells are so neat! Torri has chosen to show us several different Jewell products that she uses on a regular basis to keep it together!

Just one favorite bag?! How can a girl pick just one favorite? Well, of course, I have multiple favorites that I carry depending on what I am doing that particular day (going to work, shopping, or a date with the hubby!). All of my favorite handbags hold BOTH of my Gillios, too! Luckily, I have found a brand that allows me to change handbags so easily and keep them organized!  Jewell handbags and accessories have changed my life and my purse! You can imagine my excitement when both of my Gillio planners fit into one bag!! 

Speaking of Gillio's, I don't know how I ever survived without them! I carry two planners in my bag(s): a Medium Compagna and a Pocket Mia Cara! I use my Compagna for my month and daily views.  A note section is there for anything I need to jot down and refer to quickly.  I also have grocery list printouts that I use, so I can start my list as I think of things!  I have a section for "to-do" lists and section for contacts.

I have finally found Planner Peace with Piaric inserts (you can find her on Facebook!). The quality of the paper is fabulous, but what I like most is that I get the best of all planner worlds. I have a place to write down the flow for each day and sections broken into priority, routine, to do, coming up & notes.  My very favorite part of my two Gillio's is the amazing back pocket that I can fit fold full size sheets of paper in half! For me, that was a huge selling point and justification on spending that much money on a Gillio - or two! 

I use my Pocket Mia Cara for managing my checking accounts. I own 2 businesses so between those accounts and my personal accounts, it can be a bit overwhelming.  I use "account register" pages from the PolkaDotPosiePrint on etsy and cut them down to fit in my pocket! Primarily, that is what I use my Pocket Mia Cara for.  It was much better than carrying around 5 checkbook registers - and much cuter, too!

Below you will see pictures of my favorite bags. Happy Day! For the sake of boring you, I've narrowed down my favorites to 4 bags.
Style Icon 

Foolproof Fashionista

Diamond District

Style Setter

Now let me share with you what Jewell is. My Jewell Handbags allow me to customize the inside of my purses to fit my needs and lifestyle (with the patent-pending pockets and fashion organizers).  I love that my handbag gives back to women! 10% of every purchase goes to non-profit groups that empower women and girls.  I love that my handbag provides me the opportunity to own my own boutique business where I can achieve my "Why" in life.  Wow! Can you believe a handbag can do all that?! Now you see why I can't just pick one handbag, right? And you guessed it! I clearly can't pick just one Gillio either! 

If you like what you see and/or want to organize your life and handbag, I would love to help you make it happen! Check out my website: all of my information is found there. I would love to help you in any way that I can!

Happy organizing and planning!

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